The Convicted Killer Warren Forrest had a parole hearing by the Washington State Parole Board in February of 2014. He is the first serial killer of Clark County, Washington, and he more or less admitted to this in his sexual history timeline. He was denied parole and given another five years. Fast forward to April 2017, and he has once again come up for a parole hearing on May 17th.

I met with the parole board this past Monday, April 10, 2017. They call Warren Forrest the absolute most dangerous criminal they have ever reviewed. Quite chilling. Stay tuned till after the decision is made. Please go to Jamie's website at It would mean a lot to me if you could sign her guestbook there.

In 2013, a lot of his sexual timeline history came out through the public information act. He admitted in 2013 to many more victims. . He is clever, so he did not admit to murder. However, with him admitting to only one getting away, we all know what happened to the remaining ones. I have absolute faith in the Clark County Sheriffs that justice is coming. He will get some of what is coming to him.

The Washington State Parole Board gave Warren Forrest an additional five years in February of 2014 for not giving the families of those he murdered the truth. I am so grateful for the Washington State Parole Board. In their letter of their decision, they called Warren Forrest the most dangerous individual they have ever had come before them for review. That speaks volumes.

Search google and you will learn of his chilling criminal history.

Warren was convicted for stabbing a girl five times in the chest, leaving her naked and covered with leaves, then brutally murdering another girl. These are only the two victims the police were able to prove Warren responsible for, but he is an official suspect for many more murders and brutal rapes. Stay tuned. I will post the parole board address. I know none of you want this guy in your neighborhood. I know in my heart he killed my beloved sister too, even if it hasn't been proven in a court of law. Rather difficult without a body.

This site is in memory of my sister Jamie Grisim because she does not have a tombstone or a memorial plaque or bench anywhere. She deserves to be remembered. By writing these words, I help to keep her memory alive, and that is my sole purpose by writing this. Every person who has been murdered deserves that. Without a body, there cannot be a burial plot. This site is not intended to gather contributions. Jamie has her own site for that at It's like one would see at the end of Seinfeld show or other television shows where they write "In Memory Of ...." If you want to learn more, search google by the name Jamie Grissim or her alleged killer Warren Forrest.


killed serial killer Warren Forrest

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Jamie's last known picture,
taken just a couple of months
before her disappearance and taken for her Junior year at Ft. Vancouver

High School in Ft. Vancouver, Washington

Jamie's personal web site to help find her and bring her home

Jamie on the left and I am on the right. This was taken in our second foster home in 1961 on the corner of 39th Street and St. Johns Blvd.

Jane Doe Composite that Jamie Grisim's DNA was compared to in June 2006. Sadly she's not been identified. She is not my missing murdered sister Jamie Grisim.

Click on the picture for a larger view. This victim and my sister Jamie Grisim have DNA available.

Jamie Grisim's alleged killer Warren Forrest's 1968 Sr. picture from Ft. Vancouver High School in Vancouver, WA. He is 2nd from the left in the second row. Click on the picture for a larger view.

Above is the convicted killer Warren Forrest's high school yearbook page from Ft. Vancouver high school

Click on the picture above for a larger view of the convicted killer, now serving time in Washington State Penitentiary since the 1970s. He's going to get out in 2014. Please help me stop that from happening by spreading the word about Warren Forrest through email to all your friends, family, media, and Washington Senators, urging them all to write to the Washington State Parole Board to ask them not to let this killer out when he comes up for parole in just two years.

If you know anything about Warren Forrest and the crimes he committed, please email me or call the Clark County Sheriff's Office in Vancouver, Washington. I know that someone out there knows something. It breaks my heart to think the last face my sister saw was this killer's face.

It is now mid 2009, and I've learned a lot about Warren Forrest. He had blond hair, blue eyes, and went to the same Ft. Vancouver High School that my sister Jamie attended.

I've learned he was a Varsity President, popular, good looking, and well liked. He dated the same girl throughout high school and later married her.

He was the least likely alleged serial killer. He'd never been in trouble and was a good student.

Then he went to Vietnam, and returned different.

He was married to his high school sweetheart, when he began disappearing, and so did young girls from Clark County, WA, whose dead bodies began to appear behind locked gates in the Clark County Parks.

All these years, the police didn't know that Warren had attended the same high school as my sister.

Now, it explains the connection between Jamie, my sister, and the convicted killer, Warren Forrest.

Jamie wasn't a hitch hiker like many of the other missing girls, but she would have accepted a ride from a blond haired, blue eyed popular guy who'd attended her same high school a couple of years earlier.

I suspect he'd been visitng Ft. Vancouver high school that day, and most likely offered Jamie a ride home, when something went wrong.

Like Laurie McQuary, the famous psychic that the homicide detective and I visited together has said, "He probably didn't plan to kill Jamie, but things got out of control, and then he found he liked it and couldn't stop killing. Jamie was his first victim, and so he went out of his way to conceal her body, and buried her deeply. After that, why bother. He wasn't getting caught. Why go to all that trouble to conceal bodies."

It explains so much to me, as Jamie's body is the only one thought to be undiscovered.

Now it's 2013, and still I wait for the truth. Still I wait to bring my sister's remains home to rest, but I have gained a lot of knowledge about her case and the killer. Warren Forrest, the "alleged" first serial killer of Clark County, Washington grew up less than two miles from us. We passed his childhood home many times when he was still living at home. Perhaps Jamie knew him that cold December day and that is why he was able to capture her.

Jamie has appeared on Nancy Grace, in a missing person's book by Carole Moore called "The Last Place You Look," and she is on many websites. Her DNA is in the national DNA database in Texas, and she is on the Washington State Police Missing Person's website.

August 2013: Now again, just two short years after April of 2011 (the killer Warren Forrest's last parole hearing), the killer again comes up for a parole hearing. Someone knows the truth about what happened to Jamie. Please come forward. Let us bring her home. It has been 42 years now.

My personal vow and commitment to my big sister Jamie Grisim is that I will continue to tell your story, Jamie, until the day I die.

You didn't get a chance when you were taken from this world back in 1971 to have a voice about what happened to you.

Your story wasn't on the local news. There were No huge public outcries like with Natalie Holloway or Brooke Willberger or even the murdered Oregon City girls.

Today is a different world, when disappearances of young innocent children are taken seriously and immediate action is needed and usually taken.

There were no movies, no books, no Missing Persons Posters, or Amber Alerts, only my anguish, Jamie, and my vow to love you and cherish your memory forever.

But now, things have changed Jamie. Your story is on at least five websites, and actually closer to ten. You will be remembered as long as I am alive.

That is my promise to you, my wonderful, loving, sweet big sister. Some day, I will see you again in heaven, I am sure.


Jamie and I grew up in foster homes together, from the time I was three years old, and Jamie was four. We stuck together, she and I. We were like the proverbial "two peas in a pod." Whereever Jamie went, I followed, or at least tried to.

In 1971, Jamie and I were living in Vancouver, Washington with an old lady in her 70s named Grace. She was our favorite foster mother of all, and we loved her dearly. She welcomed us into her home like one of her own children. We never felt unwelcome or unwanted there, but very loved very much. We called her "Mama Grace."

On December 7th, 1971, my sister asked Grace how she was doing because of her bad heart, and then told me to be sure to tell Grace that she'd be walking home from school that cold December day, as she only had a couple of classes at Ft. Vancouver high school. She was to be home by 1:00 that cold December afternoon. I never saw my sister again.

Fast forward to last June 16th of 2005 when friends in Vancouver,Washington began to call me, telling me I needed to check out the local news, as a reconstructed face on a female skull found in Clark County, Washington was being shown on the local news, and she bore a very striking resemblence to Jamie.

A couple of months earlier, at the request of the Clark County Sheriff's office, I'd donated my DNA to be stored in the National DNA database in the hopes of solving my sister's cold case.

When this skull bore a striking resemblence, Detective Rick Buckner agreed that DNA tests should be done, as my sister's dental records were incomplete.

I awaited the results some six months later. Due to Hurricane Katrina, the delay had been even longer than expected.

In February of 2006, I received a phone call from Detective Rick Buckner of the Clark County, WA sheriff's department. The Jane Doe of Clark County, Washington is not my sister Jamie.

I hope for Jane Doe of Clark County's family's sake and for her that she receives justice and her identity returned to her.

Although I am disappointed not to know, once again, where Jamie is, I would have been very sad had it been her too. I would like to lay her to rest at the Evergreen Cemetary in Vancouver, WA where our beloved foster mother Grace is buried.

Jamie's heart is in Vancouver, as that is where we grew up. Someday, I believe, I will find her.

Here are some links to web sites of organizations that support the search for Jamie Grissim, my beloved missing murdered sister: - Harry Oakes of K9 Search and Rescue Services in Longview, Washington
has been the first searcher to volunteer his time in the past 38 years, and for that, I am extremely and forever
thankful. - Jamie appears on this web site for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.