Here's a nice 1950s Chrome and Bakelite Toastmaster toaster in good working condition. Sold this on Ebay.
Click on th
e above toaster picture for a larger view.

This is a 1960s little mermaid plaque that I sold on Ebay for over $35.00. These can get up into the $100's.

This is a vintage Zenith radio, pink and grey from the early 1950s that I sold on Ebay.

Check me out on Ebay under seller id vintagestarrsattic. . I hope to have a lot for sale after years of collecting and selling in various local antique shops and on Ebay.


This red dress is a vintage 60s cocktail dress. Sold this pretty number on Ebay.

Aaah, vintage items, the items from our past, have a certain mystique and aura about them. What stories they could tell, if only they could speak.

The vintage lingerie and dresses, the vintage cookbooks and children's books, the vintage hats and jewelry, the colors, the vintage textures, the fabrics, the vintage images: all take us back to a place in time that seems simplier and more innocent now. In a fast paced world, it's nice to come home to the past. It's a refuge from our stress filled lives and a way to feel connected to the cycles of life.

Come rest your feet awhile, and visit a time long gone, but whose beauty is still with us today.


I sold this sweet little Mermaid for $35.00 I believe.

These little mermaids are highly collectible at the moment. This particular one is a Bradley bisque, and goes for about $75 on Ebay. Elsewhere it can go for more. Some have garnered $2000.00. Yea, that's right: $2000.00 for a little mermaid figurine.


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